With the recent surge of non-visitors to this blog due to my absence, I have decided to lead this blog into a new direction. “WHY OH WHY?!” Unfortunately, I know it might be good for the blog and I may lose some non-visitors to this informative blog, I will be writing fewer posts a week though I assure you, they will be much more of the useless time-consuming type that all us internet trolls love. There will be much more gut-wrenching, ball-dropping, seizure-inducing, pant wetting, whoop whooping, womp womping posts of the useless kind.

There is one thing to note however. During my absence I have gained some morals and decided against offering free music illegally on this blog. I made this decision solely because of my new morals and conscience, not because of the ominous anti-piracy groups taking down a number of blogs and websites that are offering free music illegally and possibly taking my blog down for that reason. For whatever these new morals take away from the appeal of this blog, I will make it up with more informative posts for you all to enjoy.

For now, please enjoy this heartwrenching song by the dubstep giant Adventure Club, “Need Your Heart”

It is a FREE DOWNLOAD, and post this up not because I need your heart for this wonderful blog of mine. Enjoy!


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